Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OpenMobster 2.2-M4 released

I would like to announce the latest, 2.2-M4, release of the OpenMobster Mobile Cloud Platform. We are trying to stay on a new release every month schedule and this one came in just a bit later than the 2.2-M3 release.

As far as significance goes, this release needed some Developer API cleanup. It needed to be made more user friendly and intuitive. In that regard, 2.2-M4 is not backward compatible with 2.2-M3. This evil had to be done so that we can move forward more smoothly with a more intuitive API. This also helps to introduce new APIs in the future that would all be backward compatible with the platform

Here are some highlights of this release:

  • End-to-End Encryption for data stored locally on the device
  • Added more ways to query the MobileBeans stored in a Channel
  • Improved the performance of querying the MobileBeans
  • Cleaned up the Developer API and made it more developer friendly. On the negative side this breaks backward compatibity of the components running on the platform
  • Upgraded the build from Maven 2 to Maven 3 (3.0.3) to be precise
    • Bugs and Enhancements
    Things to look for in 2.2-M5:
    • Adding Support for Blobs in the Sync engine to store and stream such data locally
    •  Prototyping iCloud like experience across multiple devices. Today there is only one device per user supported. Idea was to reduce sync conflicts. Sync Conflict engine is now mature and can handle multiple devices per user
    • Prototyping Location Oriented Cloud Programming

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