Thursday, September 27, 2012

OpenMobster Mobile Enterprise Backend (MBaaS) version 2.2-RC1 released

Hello OpenMobster Community,

I would like to announce the release of 2.2-RC1 (Release Candidate) of the OpenMobster Mobile Enterprise Backend (MBaaS). 

Platforms Supported
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Location-Oriented Apps
  • Support for Offline Apps

Release Highlights
  •  iOS Sync Plugin for developing PhoneGap based offline/sync web apps on the iOS platform. Android was already supported in the previous release (2.2-M8)
  • Push Infrastructure Performance Enhancements
  • Internal Messaging Bus Infrastructure Performance Enhancements
  • Sample App bug fixes. Sample Apps are the best way to learn to develop Apps on this platform
  • Making the system Production Quality. Fully Load Tested
Going Forward: Immediate focus
  • The 2.2 branch is now feature complete. Only bug fixes will be added to this branch.
  • Prototyping Clustering Support. We want to reach new heights in scalability by supporting a Clustered version of the Cloud Server in 2.4
  • Prototyping BlackBerry Support. We want to add our next development platform to the mix. BlackBerry will be supported before Windows Phone 7 (Customer requests)
We would like to know your requests as this is the start of a new development cycle. Your input will help us prioritize our tasks.

The software is now available here:



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